Erivac Konsult AB

Erivac provide you with energy efficient Process Equipment:
- Ejectors; - Vacuum Systems; - Heat Exchangers; - Cooling Towers; - Automatic Filters; etc.,
for the Nordic Countries and Latin America

How can we help?

Let us help to provide you with solutions to your problems in your most challenging process applications. With our product range and knowledge we can, in many cases, find solutions with higher availability, less maintenance necessity and lower energy consumption. 

Vacuum System

Ejectors and Vacuum Systems

are used several applications in many different industries, operating as: – Thermocompressors; – Jet Pumps; – Steam Jet Heaters; – Caustic Recovery Plants; – Jet- and Venturi Scrubbers; – Jet Mixers; – Jet Aeration; – Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps, etc. 

Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger webp

Heat Exchangers

for challanging applications such as: – fouling media; – media with high solid content; – high temperature or pressure, etc. Welded heat exchangers such as Spiral Heat Exchangers and Welded Plate Heat Exchangers are ideal for these applications. For large scale applications we can also provide Coil Wound Heat Exchangers.

Self Cleaning Filter

Automatic Filters

En tubvärmeväxlare i rostfritt stål

Corrugated Tube Heat Exchangers

Cooling tower from Jacir Jacir

Cooling Towers and Condensers

About us

We offer Industrial Process Engineering Equipment and Solutions

Erivac Konsult AB is a solution provider for industrial processes with over 20 years of experience on Multi-National Markets. This experience and knowledge with energy-efficient process equipment providers are now applied at customers in the Nordic Countries and Latin American Markets. 

Vacuum System

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