Corrugated Tube Heat Exchangers


These are corrugated tube heat exchangers formed by two concentric tubes and are especially useful for treating slurries (fluids which contain significant amounts of fibres or suspended particles) and particulate fluids (such as fruit dices).

XLG®S Tube-in-Tube heat exchangers are constructed from stainless steel and are formed by having two concentric tubes. The fluid to be treated is normally passed through the corrugated inner tube and the service fluid, providing the source of cooling or heating, passes through the annulus formed by the two tubes.

This range is formed from units of different tube diameters chosen according to the flow rates of the working fluids. Corrugated tubes are used in order to significantly enhance the rate of heat transfer and thus minimise the size of heat exchanger required.



Multi-tube heat exchangers developed for industrial applications such as steam water heating, energy recovery, condensation etc.

XLG®I-Series Industrial Multitube heat exchangers are manufactured from stainless steel and consist of a bundle of corrugated tubes mounted within an outer tube (which forms the outer shell). The fluid to be treated (the product) flows through the interior of the tubes forming the tube bundle and the service fluid outsider the inner tubes, through the shell.

The range of units uses shell and inner tube diameters to satisfy the flow rates of the process fluids and the inner tubes are corrugated to significantly enhance the rate of heat transfer.

The exchanger incorporates a expansion bellows welded to the shell to absorb the thermal expansion that takes place between the shell and the tube bundle. The fluid flowing through the inner tubes (the product) and the fluid circulating through the outer shell (the service) are completely isolated from each other, heat being transferred through the inner tube walls.


Multi-tube heat exchangers developed for hygienic/sanitary product to product heat recovery applications in the food, dairy and beverage industry. The fluids may also contain limited quantities of pulp and/or fibres.

XLG®MD Regenerative Multitube heat exchangers are manufactured entirely from stainless steel and consist of a bundle of corrugated tubes mounted within a corrugated outer tube (which forms the outer shell).

The sterile fluid flows through the interior of the tubes forming the tube bundle and the raw (not-sterile) fluid outside the inner tubes, through the shell.

All product wetted surfaces, including the welds, have a surface roughness Ra < 0.8 µm and are therefore able to process food products under the normal hygiene regulations. Such processes include pasteurisation, high temperature sterilisation, thermal treatment for aseptic packaging etc.

Both fluids (sterile and not-sterile) are completely isolated from each other, heat transfer taking place across the inner tube walls. Leakage of the service fluid to atmosphere is prevented by a pair of elastomeric O ring seals at each end of the tube. If hygiene and process conditions require it steam packing can be provided between the O ring seals at both ends of the units
One tubeplate is fixed to the outer tube assembly and the other is free to expand and contract with the changes in temperature occurring in service thus avoiding the potentially damaging stresses that occur in other types of fully welded heat exchangers that use expansion bellows to absorb the differential expansion between the shell and the inner tubes.
Connections are DIN/ISO/ASME standard ferrules and clamps or DIN food standard screwed compression fittings.


These are Tube-in-Tube corrugated tube heat exchangers specially designed for direct regeneration (product to product) between hot and cold sludge and biomass. Units are formed by two concentric tubes, and the transition between units is done by means of special clogging-free headers.


Packaged systems for the production of clean steam in a large range of capacities, for being used in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotechnology, Electronics and Brewing industries.


A new Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger specially suitable for processing high viscosity fluids or for high fouling applications.

About XLG Heat Transfer Systems:

XLG Heat Transfer was founded in 2005 by a group of engineers specialised in heat exchanger design and manufacture with a long professional experience. Our accumulated experience covers the use of heat exchangers in all sectors of industry, particularly the Food Processing Industry, water, Environmental Control, Automotive, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Shipbuilding and many other diverse industrial applications.


XLG is a Company specialised in optimising both the designs and the final quality of the heat exchangers that they produce. Their corrugated tube heat exchangers are exemplary examples of maximum thermal performance, high mechanical strength and reliability. In addition, XLG has developed new designs to complete their comprehensive range for the most sophisticated and complex applications.


XLG always offers its clients, partners and distributors the best solution for whatever application they require. This means that we not only offer products from our own comprehensive range which we consider will be the best type and size of unit to solve the heat transfer problem but also those that will do so in the way which is most advantageous to our client in terms of first cost and running costs.

To achieve this, the professional engineers of XLG study in detail each enquiry for every application that they receive from their Clients in order to select the best type and size of heat exchanger to use in order achieve maximum performance at least cost to the client.


XLG designs all of its heat exchangers using in house developed software for both the thermal and mechanical design of the units.

All of the heat exchangers supplied by XLG comply with the requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC. On the other hand, XLG is authorised to apply the 3-A Symbol from the United States to its heat exchangers as they conform to 3-A Sanitary Standards. The XTube Boxer® units also comply with the requirements of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC, the Low Voltage Regulations 2006/95/EC and the Machinery Directive 98/37/EC.

When we are permitted to do so, we CE mark our equipment as required by the various Directives.

All of our heat exchanger manufacturing processes use the most modern techniques and equipment and our welders are all highly qualified and experienced with approval certification for all of the various processes and techniques employed.

Assuring good quality and compliance with the codes is an essential part of our design and manufacturing processes and a major part of our efforts and resources are dedicated to this aspect of our business.

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