Food Industries

Erivac provides equipment for Food Industries

Growing populations increase the challenges of providing raw materials, processing and transporting food to consumers. Erivac can provide process equipment for a large range of food industries, such as: – Dairy Products, milk and milk proteins; – Breweries; – Fruit Juices; – Starch and vegetable proteins; – Sugar and Alcohol industries; – Edible Oils and Fats; – Soups and Sauces etc.. In many cases, Waste Water from Food Industries also has high organic loads making it ideal for BioGas Generation.

Food Industries

Industrial food production requires a wide range of different unit operations. Depending on the food and the chosen path for its manufacture the following unit operations are quite often used:

– Heat Transfer (heating, cooling, heat recovery); – Condensation;

– Evaporation; – Distillation;- Pasteurization; – High Temperature Sterilization, etc.

Ejectors and Vacuum Systems

 – Vacuum Ejectors. Steam Jet Heaters and ThermoCompressors

 – Steam Jet Vacuum Systems and Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps 

 – Jet- and Venturi Scrubbers for gas cleaning

 – Steam jet Chillers for Driers

 – Eductors for Tank Mixing and Waste Water Aeration

Heat Exchangers 

 – Spiral Heat Exchangers for liquid/liquid applications with dirty or high viscous media as economizers, heaters / coolers, or in two phase applications as condensing or evaporation operations, steam heaters, reboilers, etc.

 – Welded Plate Heat Exchangers. These are for applications as above but for less dirty or semi-fouling media.

 – Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers

 – Corrugated Tube In Tube Heat Exchangers -for liquid/liquid applications with dirty or high viscous media as economizers, heaters / coolers,


 – Automatic Filters for protection of heat exchangers and spray nozzles for reduced maintenance necessity and increased plant availability, filtration of raw water and cooling water circuits. If Sea or Brackish Water is used, acting as effective mussels and mussel larvae stop.

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