Power Plants

Erivac provides equipment for Power Plants

Nuclear and Thermal Power Plants, independent of feed, normally use a steam cycle with a steam turbine and generator. The outlet stem pressure should be low, generally below atmospheric pressure – vacuum, to produce as much electrical energy as possible from the turbine. Cooling water is necessary for the condenser or vacuum condenser. Thermal Power Plants normally also have huge potential for Carbon Capture. 

Steam Cycle for Power Plants

Steam Cycle Power plants require several unit operations where products from Erivac can be applied with success for energy efficiency and plant reliability.

Ejectors and Vacuum Systems

 – Liquid Jet Vacuum Ejectors 

 – Steam Jet Vacuum Systems or Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps 

 – Vacuum Condensers

Heat Exchangers 

 – Welded Plate Heat Exchangers. These are for applications as above but for less dirty or semi-fouling media.

 – Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers


 – Automatic Filters for protection of heat exchangers and spray nozzles for reduced maintenance necessity and increased plant availability, filtration of raw water and cooling water circuits. If Sea or Brackish Water is used, acting as effective mussels and mussel larvae stop.

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