Steam Jet Chiller Plants

Steam jet chiller plants and cooling systems

Steam jet chilling plants can be ideally utilized whenever large chilling capacities have to be easily realized. Vacuum cooling plants operate according to the principle of flash evaporation. The cooling of liquids to generate chilled water at temperature ranges down to the freezing point is particularly economical and cost-effective, when preferably unused exhaust, residual or excess steam is available.

Körting steam jet chilling plants provide:

  • an environment-friendly operation by means of water as refrigerant
  • high operational safety
  • minimum maintenance
  • an easy assembly, as well as a good handling since the plants basically do not require rotating and moving components

Usually, conventional chilling plants are equipped with electrically driven mechanical compressors. Such plants show obvious disadvantages as they generate additional energy costs, increased maintenance of rotating components and therefore higher investments for safe operation.

Steam jet chilling plants by Körting provide an environment-friendly alternative at reasonable costs compared with traditional chilling plants. If sufficient motive steam is available, the advantages of the Körting plants are convincing. Körting chilling plants are particularly efficient when processes provide excess or residual steam. This meanshigh efficiency for the entire process, and, at the same time, good chilling performanceat high availability and low need of maintenance.


  • basically, no rotating and moving components
  • simple and good handling, even with large volume flows and chilling performances
  • environment-friendly as no special refrigerants are required (water serves as refrigerant)
  • summertime peak load can be covered by the difference in demand for heating steam between summer and winter
  • high operational safety
  • low maintenance
  • simple set-up and easy handling
  • long service life
  • corrosive media can be dealt with flexibility (use of various successfully tested materials from plant manufacture)
  • electrical energy feed is not necessary (except for transporting chilled water and cooling water)
  • Körting has many years of experience inthe development, design, manufacturing, commissioning and maintenance of steam jet chilling plants

Function: Using flash evaporation

Körting steam jet chilling plants take advantage of the principle offlash evaporation. The liquid to be chilled is passed through a flash evaporator. The pressure in the evaporator is below the steam pressure of the liquid.

As a result of the flash evaporation process, part of the liquid evaporates (flash steam); evaporation heat is deducted from the heat capacity of the liquid. This causes the liquid to cool down to the boiling point of the respective evaporation pressure (vacuum). The application is only limited by the freezing point of the liquid to be cooled.

The resulting flash steam will be sucked off by a Körting steam jet vacuum ejector, then compressed and finally condensed in a downstream condenser. The pressure level of the condenser is defined by the temperature of the used cooling medium. This condenser has to be vented until atmospheric pressure is reached. For this process, Körting steam jet vacuum ejectors or liquid ring vacuum pumps have proven to be ideal.

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