Process Equipment

- Ejectors; - Vacuum Systems; - Heat Exchangers; - Cooling Towers; - Automatic Filters;


Let us help to provide you with solutions to your problems in your most challenging process applications. With our product range and knowledge we can, in many cases, find solutions with higher availability, less maintenance necessity and lower energy consumption. 


Heat Exchangers

Nexson Group is the new World Leading manufacturer of welded heat exchangers, such as:

 – Spiral Heat Exchangers for liquid/liquid applications with dirty or high viscous media, condensing or evaporation operation, steam heaters, reboilers, etc. 

 – Welded Plate Heat Exchangers. These are for applications as above but for less dirty or semi-fouling media.

 – Coil Wound Heat Exchangers. These are one of the most advanced, efficient and energy-saving large-scale heat exchange equipment in the world.

– Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers

Self Cleaning Filter

Automatic Filters

Dango & Dienenthal provide unique technology for self-cleaning, Automatic Filters for your industrial applications:

 – Jet Filters – > 50 microns

 – Filter Automats – > 5 microns

 – Mussel Stops

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Corrugated Tube Heat Exchangers

XLG Heat Transfer provides among the worlds best Corrugated Tube Heat Exchangers

 – Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

 – Tube in Tube Heat Exchangers

 – Reboilers

Cooling tower from Jacir Jacir

Cooling Towers and Condensers

Erivac is proud to represent the Cofinair Group a leading supplier of cooling towerscondensers, and refrigerant coolers  providing cooling solutions and technology to businesses in various industries.

Why Cooling Solutions Matter

Cofinair Group’s Product Range of Cooling Towers, Condensers, and Refrigerant Coolers

Evaporative Cooling Towers for Impure Water, Process Water, or Wastewater

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