Mining and Steel Industries

Erivac provides equipment for Mining and Steel Industries

With the ongoing energy changes from traditional fossil-based energy and fuel to the electrification of processes and vehicles the mining industry will be affected as more minerals will be necessary for batteries etc. Global warming and new more sustainable mining and mineral upgrading processes are being developed to reduce carbon footprint. Also for the steel industry new processes are researched to eliminate carbon-intensive coke oven gas and reduce iron by Direct Reduction Iron-process with H2 gas as a reduction agent.

The traditional production process, with coke oven gas, is likely to be used around for many years to come in most parts of the world. These facilities need upgrades for better energy effectiveness, lower emissions, and have huge opportunities for Carbon Capture and carbon capture utilization.

Mining and Steel Industries

Mining material upgrade processes often include unit operations such as: – Heat Transfer and Energy Recovery (heating, cooling, heat interchange); – Leaching, etc. for slurries, liquids with high content of solids (minerals), as well as often Gas Cleaning operations.

Steel Industries has many process steps, each with its individual necessity of units operations: – Deep Vacuum is necessary for Steel Degassing; – Several processes produce off-gas with contaminants that need Gas Cleaning; – The coke oven gas generation and treatment require several steps with Heat Transfer (heating, cooling, heat interchange) for dirty fouling media; – Huge amounts of cooling water is used that requite adequate filtration and sometimes elimination of mussels and mussel larvae. 

Ejectors and Vacuum Systems

 – Steam Jet Heaters

 – Steam Jet Vacuum Systems and Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps for Steel degassing

 – Jet- and Venturi Scrubbers for gas cleaning

 – Eductors for Tank Mixing of for example quench tanks

 Heat Exchangers 

 – Spiral Heat Exchangers for liquid/liquid applications with dirty or high viscous media or product slurries with high solid content as economizers, heaters / coolers, or in two phase applications as condensing or evaporation operations, steam heaters, reboilers, etc.

 – Welded Plate Heat Exchangers. These are for applications as above but for less dirty or semi-fouling media.

 – Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers


 – Automatic Filters for protection of heat exchangers and spray nozzles for reduced maintenance necessity and increased plant availability, filtration of raw water and cooling water circuits. If Sea or Brackish Water is used, acting as effective mussels and mussel larvae stop.

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