Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

mechanical vacuum pumps for process engineering applications.

Körting is an independent system supplier

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are mechanical vacuum pumps that use electricity to create a vacuum. They offer low running costs due to electric power transmission. And they are encountered in many process engineering applications. In addition to the standard range, Körting can provide a whole host of customized solutions on request.


The benefits entailed in using Körting liquid ring vacuum pumps:

  • adjusted design of hybrid systems with jet ejectors, condensers and liquid ring vacuum pumps
  • designs customized to the process concerned
  • oil-free compression (no contamination of the product)
  • ability to withstand the majority of liquids, vapours and solids (with a small grain size)
  • ATEX-compliant design is possible
  • as an independent system supplier, Körting can choose from a range of components from diverse manufacturers
  • almost 150 years of experience with technical vacuums for the processing industry

Customized design

In addition to standard designs, customized ones are possible too, adapted to customer specifications and processes.

Standard design

The standard design of Körting liquid ring vacuum pumps:

Once through


  • low investment costs
  • exceptional reliability
  • no concentration of the suction medium in the liquid

System components

  • pump (1- or 2-stage)
  • motor
  • coupling
  • base plate
  • fittings and accessories required

Partial recovery


  • low investment costs
  • lower running costs due to less waste water
  • less fresh water required

System components

Like aonce-through systemplus:

  • separators (e. g. on overhead separator)
  • connecting pipes

Full recovery with plate heat exchangers


  • very low fresh water requirements
  • very low running costs as no waste water is produced
  • very efficient heat recovery via plate heat exchangers in a service-friendly design for easy maintenance and repair

System components

Like thepartial recovery systemplus:

  • plate heat exchangers

Full recovery with tube and shell heat exchanger


  • very low fresh water requirements
  • very low running costs as no waste water is produced
  • ideal for use with cooling water or operating liquid contaminated with fibres or particles

System components

Like the partial recovery system plus:

  • shell and tube heat exchanger

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