Carbon Capture and Utilization

Erivac provides equipment for Carbon Capture and Utilization

All over the world governments and companies are looking for ways to become more sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint in order to meet global warming targets. Carbon Capture and Storage or Utilization are hot topics all around the world where the first full size installations of Carbon Captures are starting up just now. The Industries with the largest carbon dioxide footprints are Steel, PetroChemical and Cement industries as well as power plants and district heating facilities using various types of fossil fuels.  

Carbon Capture 

Carbon Capture is normally made in an absorption/desorption process using a liquid, such as an amine, sprayed over the gas stream and carbon dioxide is absorbed. The absorption liquid will require cooling for desorption to take place in another vessel and desorbed Carbon Dioxide can be captured. 

Heat Exchangers

 – Spiral Heat Exchangers for liquid/liquid applications with dirty or high viscous media as economizers, heaters / coolers, 

 – Welded Plate Heat Exchangers. These are for applications as above but for less dirty or semi-fouling media.

 – Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers

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