Scrubbers for waste gas cleaning

Scrubbers are air cleaning units used to remove pollutants from gas streams, cool gas streams and in some cases also utilized for heat recovery in various industrial processes. Their main purpose is to reduce gaseous pollutants, such as soot and dust particles and various chemical substances (SO2 , Cl2 , HCl, NH3 , HF, H2 S, etc.) and/or cool the gas stream, in order to meet environmental requirements and improve air quality.

How a scrubber works

These units work by passing the gas through a scrubbing medium where the contaminants are removed by physical or chemical purification. The scrubbing medium can be water or another liquid that is injected into the gas stream to capture particles and other contaminants. The gas comes into contact with the liquid, and through reaction processes or absorbent properties of the liquid, the pollutants are bound and removed, resulting in a cleaner gas stream released to the environment.

Different types of scrubbers

There are different types of scrubbers used depending on the specific requirements of the process. Common types include wet scrubbers (which use water or other liquids for purification) offered by Erivac and dry scrubbers (which use sorbents or other chemicals to absorb contaminants) and biological scrubbers (which use microorganisms to break down contaminants).

Venturi scrubber

Venturi scrubbers are air-cleaning units that effectively remove soot and dust particle contaminants from gas streams often in combination with cooling/heat recovery. Their operation is based on the acceleration of the gas through a convergent-divergent tube shape – a venturi tube, where contaminants condense and are absorbed by water or another liquid injected, resulting in cleaner gas streams for more environmentally friendly emissions.

Jet scrubber

Jet scrubbers are used for cooling (heat recovery), absorption, particle and dust removal, and transportation. The gas stream is mixed with a liquid that is injected into the system and accelerated by a pressurized jet system, creating higher turbulence, which facilitates particle removal. If gas streams with chemical pollutants, chemical substances (SO2 , Cl2 , HCl, NH3 , HF, H2 S, etc.), need to be purified, a suitable chemical is used with the liquid stream for chemical reaction to a substance in liquid form that is taken up by the liquid stream. Jet scrubbers’ simple design and low maintenance requirements make them reliable and useful in gas cleaning for various industries.

Applications of scrubbers

Scrubbers are used in a variety of industries, including the chemical industry, thermal power plants, food industry, steel industry, waste management, oil and gas industry, and in processes where emissions of particles and gases are a concern. Their effectiveness and use vary depending on the pollutants that need to be removed and the requirements for emissions under environmental legislation. Overall, scrubbers are important tools for reducing emissions and improving air quality in various industrial applications.

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