Venturi scrubber

Venturi Scrubbers for waste gas cleaning

Venturi Scrubbers are air cleaning units used to remove contaminants from gas streams and in some cases also for cooling the gas or heat recovery. This technology is effective in cleaning exhaust gases from industrial processes, where various particles and contaminants need to be removed to meet environmental and safety standards.

How a Venturi Scrubber works

Their operation is based on the use of a convergent-divergent tube, known as a venturi tube.
The principle behind their operation is:
Gas flow: Contaminated gas flows through the venturi tube. As the gas passes through the narrower (convergent) part of the tube, its speed accelerates, increasing the turbulence of the gas stream.
Liquid injection: At the same time, a liquid (usually water) is injected through nozzles aimed at the narrowest part of the venturi tube. This liquid is injected in the form of fine droplets to create a turbulent liquid-gas mixture.
Collision and separation: The particles and contaminants present in the gas stream collide with the liquid in the turbulent flow. This results in the particles condensing or being absorbed by the liquid.
Separation: The clean gas proceeds through the divergent part of the venturi tube, further through a separation tank and a droplet separator (demister) while the condensed particles and impurities remain in the liquid collected at the bottom of the separation tank of the venturi scrubber unit. If the gas is hot, it can also be cooled by the liquid. The heat transferred to the liquid can in some cases be reused, for energy recovery.

Venturi scrubbers are effective in cleaning gases from particles, aerosols and some gaseous pollutants. By using this process, they can reduce emissions and help meet environmental regulations and health standards in various industries.

Reasons why to use Venturi scrubbers

A Venturi scrubber is useful for several reasons:
Particle separation: They effectively remove particles and aerosols from gas streams and purify the air from pollutants.
Emission control: Using venturi scrubbers helps to meet environmental regulations and emission standards set by governments and industries.
Air quality: They improve air quality by reducing the levels of pollutants released into the environment that can be harmful to health.
Industrial use: Widely used in industrial sectors such as chemical industry, thermal power plants, food industry, steel industry, waste management, oil and gas industry, and in processes where emissions of particles and gases are a concern.
Efficiency: A Venturi scrubber can be very efficient in cleaning large volumes of gases with high particle content.
Flexibility: They can be adapted to handle different particle sizes and gas flows.

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